Code of Ethics

The following is an outline of the Code of Ethics supported by and For a complete overview of Kaiser Permanente's Site Policies, please visit To view our Editorial Policies please visit

Statement of purpose

The purpose of this Web site is to serve our audiences as a credible and useful source of online information. Our Code of Ethics helps us achieve this goal by citing our values and how we uphold them.

Who we are

With the exception of the applicant tracking system, and are owned and maintained by TMP Worldwide Advertising and Communications on behalf of Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser Permanente uses Taleo for their applicant tracking system. To refer to their separate policies and procedures, visit


The managers of and are responsible for ensuring that all site personnel adhere to the following Code of Ethics.

Principles and standards

Principle 1: Quality

Our goal is to provide accurate, well-supported, meaningful information and services to Kaiser Permanente employees, potential employees, and users of this Web site.


1.1 We are committed to using only content from credible sources that have been reviewed and approved by us.

1.2 We will perform regular quality-assurance reviews to assess whether our content is current and consistent with the latest views and information.

1.3 Information pertaining to Kaiser Permanente's awards and accreditations will clearly indicate the time period to which the information applies.

Principle 2: Truthfulness

Our aim is to provide credible and accurate information to our users.


2.1 We will clearly identify the purpose and ownership of our Web site and the content within.

2.2 Where we reproduce content created by third parties, we will clearly disclose the source of the material.

Principle 3: Informed consent, privacy, and confidentiality

We will inform users when we are collecting their personal information on the site so that they can choose whether to allow the information to be gathered, used, or shared. For the purpose of this site, we define "personal information" as any information we collect that can be linked to the user as an individual. That includes mailing address, e-mail account, Internet IP address, demographic information, any unique numerical identifier, and personal health and diagnostic information.

Personal information collected within the job search function is managed by Taleo, Kaiser Permanente's applicant tracking system. To refer to their separate policies and procedures, visit


3.1 We will publish a Privacy Statement that clearly describes when and how we collect personal information on the site, the purposes for which we collect this information, with whom it will be shared, and how the information will be used.

3.2 We will take commercially reasonable precautions to protect the confidentiality of users' personal information. We will not use or disclose personal information without users' consent unless authorized by law, and we will not sell, rent, or share personal information about users of our site. We will encourage users to consult our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement for further information and details about our privacy policies, standards, and measures.

3.3 We will inform users of any reasonable expectations, risks, and responsibilities associated with the use of our online services.

Principle 4: Responsible partnering

Our goal is to partner only with credible organizations. (In this Code of Ethics, "partner" refers to those organizations with which we have an alliance of a business nature.)


4.1 We will clearly disclose on the site any significant business relationships between our site and partnering organizations.

4.2 When we enter into business relationships related to this Web site, we will make reasonable efforts to ascertain whether our partnering organizations have implemented relevant privacy policies, appropriately handle secured transactions, and/or meet other business criteria determined by us.

4.3 To help us achieve our goal of partnering only with credible organizations, we will encourage users to notify us if their interactions or business transactions with our partners are unsatisfactory.

Principle 5: Web links

We strive to link only to Web sites of credible organizations. In this Code of Ethics, "Web links" refers to non-Kaiser Permanente Web sites to which we provide links for the convenience of our users, but with whom we have no business relationship.


5.1 We will link only to Web sites that we have reviewed and approved, or that we use to reference source material.

5.2 The selection, placement, and format of Web links will be at the discretion of our Web site management. We will reserve the right to remove a link to an external Web site.

Principle 6: Accountability and responsiveness

We will take our users' feedback and concerns seriously.


6.1 We are committed to providing easy-to-use tools for users to share feedback or complaints about this Web site.

6.2 We make every reasonable effort to respond to all reasonable inquiries from members and users in a timely and appropriate manner.

6.3 We will give clear instructions for subscribing and unsubscribing to e-mail alerts and e-newsletters.

Principle 7: Access to site information and policies

We will make it easy for users to read and understand information on our site, including our policies and disclaimers.


7.1 We will strive to present information, product descriptions, and services in language that is clear, easy to read, and appropriate to users.

7.2 We will make our Code of Ethics, Editorial Policy, and disclaimers as easy as possible for users to find and understand.

7.3 We will provide our users with system requirements for optimal viewing and secure use of our site.

7.4 Whenever we offer PDF files, we will provide a link users can follow to obtain the free software needed to view the PDF.

7.5 We will inform users that, except for personal or nonprofit educational use, no part of our Web site may be reproduced in any form or by any means without written permission from Kaiser Permanente.


1. HON Code of Conduct (HON Code) for medical and health Web sites, April 1997

2. Guidelines for Medical and Health Information Sites on the Internet: Principles Governing AMA Web Sites, 2000

Last updated: November 5, 2010

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