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Crescent Medical Center 200 Crescent Centre Pkwy. Tucker, Georgia 30084

Offering opportunities for everyone from physicians, physician assistants, and dietitians to RNs, LPNs, and certified midwives, Crescent Medical Center is located in the city of Tucker, Georgia, and serves Dekalb County and its surrounding areas. As one of the first Kaiser Permanente facilities in Georgia, Crescent Medical Center offers several specialties and is committed to protecting the health of our members, employees, communities, and planet. Crescent Medical Center maintains strong ties with its local community and hosts regular health clinics, including annual flu and PAP clinics. Crescent Medical Center is proud to utilize the latest technology, including KP HealthConnect®, Kaiser Permanente’s online integrated medical record system.

Parking is free and available to both employees and members.

Accessible by public transportation?

Visit our facility on kp.org.

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Career Areas

Crescent Medical Center 200 Crescent Centre Pkwy. Tucker, Georgia 30084

Behavioral and mental health

As a behavioral or mental health professional at Kaiser Permanente, you'll help our members on their journey toward better health. Collaborating with other departments and disciplines, you'll provide appropriate, quality treatment to patients with behavioral health concerns, psychological crises, and other bio-psychological problems.

We trust your ability to do what's right for your patients—and give you the tools, resources, and encouragement you need to do just that. We offer highly collaborative multidisciplinary work settings with access to the latest technologies and equipment. Working as part of our integrated team, you'll have the support of a vast network of medical professionals and specialists with whom you can discuss treatments and share responsibilities. This level of teamwork translates into higher-quality care and greater professional reward.

Specialty settings include the following:*

  • Addiction Medicine
  • Center for Counseling and Learning (Los Angeles)
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Employee Assistance
  • Geriatrics
  • Help Line
  • Home Health
  • Hospice
  • Medical Social Work
  • Palliative Care
  • Pediatrics
  • Psychiatry

*May vary by facility.







Crescent Medical Center 200 Crescent Centre Pkwy. Tucker, Georgia 30084


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Nursing Open House/Interviews - RNs and LPNs/PRNs

Monday, May 2nd  

9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 

Atlanta, GA 30305

Competitive salary, competitive benefits, and a great place to work! Bring a friend and come learn about all the great opportunities Kaiser Permanente has to offer. 

***Parking is free***

Kaiser Permanente of Georgia is experiencing tremendous growth in the Georgia region and increased members mean increased opportunities for RNs and LPNs to join our team. As the state's largest nonprofit health plan, we have a long and distinguished tradition of providing quality, patient-focused care to our members. 

We would like to invite all experienced Georgia-licensed LPNs or RNs with a BLS certification to register to attend this event and meet with our recruitment specialists and hiring managers. 

RN opportunities include: 

Crescent Center Medical Offices: 

  • Staff RN, OB/GYN Message Management - Job #453343

Glenlake Medical Offices: 

  • Coordinator, Breast Care PRN - Job #391005

  • Podiatry - Job #443517

  • Nurse Manager, Day Surgery - Job #458315

  • RN, Sedation Day Surgery - Job #461074

  • Nurse Manager Specialty ENT/AUD - Job #465423

Gwinnett Medical Center: 

  • RN, Procedure Nurse Day Surgery - Job #471054

  • Staff RN, Oncology - Job #451941

  • Staff RN, OB/GYN Message Management - Job #454847

Panola Medical Offices: 

  • Staff RN, OB/GYN Message Management - Job #447958

Regional Office: 

  • Specialty Resource Nurse, Ophthalmology - Job #338516 or 448634

  • Specialty Resource Nurse, GI - Job #445499

  • Specialty Resource Nurse - Job #446169

  • Specialty Resource Nurse, Orthopedic - Job #448624

  • RN, Maternal Child Health - Job #461915

Southwood Medical Center: 

  • RN, Oncology Treatment Center - Job #465105

LPN opportunities include: 

Cumberland Medical Offices:

  • Endocrinology - Job #451293

Glenlake Medical Offices:

  • Pain Management - Job #388501

  • Head and Neck - Job #437219 or 457142

  • Neurology - Job #445881

  • Podiatry - Job #460118

  • UroGynecology - Job #460790

  • OB/GYN - Job #470040

Gwinnett Medical Center: 

  • Oncology - Job #454494

Regional Office: 

  • PRN Float - Ear, Nose, and Throat - Job #373233

  • PRN Float - OB/GYN - Job #373265

  • PRN Float - Dermatology/Plastic Surgery - Job #373287

  • PRN Float - Orthopedics/Podiatry - Job #373352

  • PRN Float - Urology/UroGyn - Job #373427

Southwood Medical Center: 

  • Oncology - Job #388240 or 454586

  • Pain Management - Job #388477

  • Orthopedics - Job #470420

Town Park Medical Center: 

  • OB/GYN - Job #459312


If you would like more information about the opportunities available, please visit http://kpcareers.org/atlanta/nursing-licensed-jobs  or contact Jason.I.Abraham@kp.org and visit http://jobs.kp.org for complete qualifications and job submission details. 

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