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At Kaiser Permanente, our commitment to supporting health and putting people first makes us unique. Find out what else will shape your experience with us.


At Kaiser Permanente, we’re here to make lives better. That goes for our nearly 10 million members across the country as well as approximately 195,000 employees and physicians. It also goes for the neighborhoods in which we live, the communities we serve, and the planet we call home. When you join us, you become a part of this mission. It’s unlike any other, and it will make the work you do here that much more rewarding.


Joining us as an intern or new grad, you’ll witness our mission in action and become a part of it yourself. Everyone at Kaiser Permanente is here because we believe in what we do. This common ground means our culture is one of inclusion, collaboration, and shared success. This is a place where your ideas are acknowledged and your opinions matter. Whether you join us in care delivery or business, technology or finance, from day one, you’ll be treated like a valued member of our employee community.


Diversity, inclusion, and culturally competent medical care are defining characteristics of Kaiser Permanente’s past, present, and future. We are proud that our employee and physician population reflects no racial majority—and that three-quarters of all employees, nearly half of the executive team, and more than one-third of our physicians are women. Maintaining these industry-leading levels of diversity enables us to fulfill our mission, sustain our business objectives, and provide the best level of care to our members and patients. Read more about our diversity practices.


A perspective that defines Kaiser Permanente is our commitment to community. We believe that people should have equal access to quality care. And we make strides every year that bring us closer to that reality. The year 2014 saw our largest investment in community benefit ever: approximately $2.2 billion. And we know we're just getting started. We like to imagine a world where good health is a reality for all. Ambitious? Yes. Achievable? Absolutely. Explore the variety of ways we serve our communities every day.


At Kaiser Permanente, we understand that there is a direct correlation between happy employees and happy members, and we find many ways to reward our employees for their hard work, compassion, and dedication. One of the biggest benefits of working at Kaiser Permanente is the incredible opportunity to build a career that will last a lifetime. We offer a tremendously diverse array of opportunity and a culture that embraces growth and development—meaning there are no limits to the knowledge you can attain or to what you can accomplish in your tenure with us. Another huge benefit of working for a leader in health advocacy is the role we play in supporting YOUR health. In fact, in June 2014, Kaiser Permanente was named a Best Employer for Healthy Lifestyles by the National Business Group on Health. We’ll raise a glass of organic juice to that!

Beyond supporting your total health—mind, body, and spirit—joining Kaiser Permanente as a new grad means receiving a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefit plan that will help you advance your career and meet your financial goals while maintaining balance between your work and personal life.


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