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Achieving our mission begins with a commitment to equity and inclusion for all

Kaiser Permanente’s mission to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of our members and communities is dependent on the excellence and efforts of all our people. We are a multiracial, multicultural organization with people of all backgrounds and identities serving diverse communities. We know that having a diverse and inclusive workforce makes Kaiser Permanente a better place to receive health care, a more supportive partner in the communities we serve, and a more fulfilling place to work. We value our diversity and know that embracing each person’s unique perspectives and lived experiences allows us to innovate to solve complex problems and achieve our mission.

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Helping our people thrive and contribute to our mission

Prioritizing equity and inclusion creates a better experience for our people and better, more equitable outcomes for our patients, so we are taking action to ensure our work environment fosters belonging, fairness, and mutual respect. We agree to and abide by our commitment to equity and the expectation that we all work together to create an inclusive work environment focused on a sense of belonging and well-being. Our equity principles serve as a guideline for how we treat one another, and Belong@KP, our anti-bias and anti-racism program, provides us tools to recognize bias in our thoughts and actions, a broader understanding of systemic racism, and ways to think and act more inclusively.

Ensuring equity every step of the way

We are committed to equity and fairness throughout the employee experience, actively ensuring we have an unbiased, equitable approach to recruitment, hiring, development, advancement, and retention of our people. This creates a better experience for everyone and equitable opportunities for each of us to achieve professional goals, regardless of your career path.

Headshot of Ronald Copeland, MD, FACS

Kaiser Permanente has a deep and abiding commitment to equity, inclusion, and diversity, as reflected in our mission, vision, and history. We believe in the right to a fair and equitable career experience in an inclusive, psychologically safe, and respectful workplace. We value and respect employees and physicians of all backgrounds and identities. And we strive to create a work environment where everyone belongs and can contribute at their highest levels to support our mission.

Ronald L. Copeland, MD, FACS, Senior Vice President
and Chief Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Officer

Celebrating diversity while creating more inclusion and a sense of belonging

Our business resource groups (BRGs) are another way we foster and support an inclusive work environment and advance equity. Thousands of employees are members of our BRGs and this richly diverse and tight-knit community offers connection, mentoring, skill building, and career and social support. Our BRGs also deliver powerful programs that connect co-workers in meaningful ways and serve as cultural advisors to leadership and the business.

Our Mission

To empower a multi-generational Armenian community that drives Kaiser Permanente into the next generation of healthcare by attracting, engaging, and retaining our future professionals.

Our Mission

To strengthen, magnify, and unite the voice and influence of Asian & Pacific Islander community within and outside of Kaiser Permanente.

Our Mission

We strive to support the elimination of health disparities in the Black and other underserved communities. We welcome our allies and partners, as we engage our members and communities to better support their total health, career opportunities, development, and advancement.

Our Mission

To lead Kaiser Permanente’s commitments to an inclusive and accessible workplace at all organizational levels, to disability competent healthcare, and to honor the right to self-determination and independence for individuals and members with disabilities in the communities that we serve.

Our Mission

Generations@KP is a group that focuses on professional development, cross-organizational collaboration, and shaping the future and culture of Kaiser Permanente for all generations.

Our Mission

To attract, inspire, and support the Latinx workforce and allies to achieve their full potential at all levels in Kaiser Permanente to enhance our ability for shared success.

Our Mission

To honor and center the Native American, Native Hawaiian, and Alaskan Native cultural experience within Kaiser Permanente through education, and community impact.

Our Mission

To create an open and affirming space for LGBTQIA+ workforce and allies. Our mission is to ensure the well-being, equitable and fair treatment, and access to opportunity that every other person at Kaiser Permanente receives.

Our Mission

To advocate for the health, rights, and respectful treatment of Veterans both within our organization, and in the communities, we serve, striving to make Kaiser Permanente the employer and community partner of choice.

Our Mission

Women Empowered@KP seek to build an inclusive community to encourage, support, and empower by providing opportunities to develop personally and professionally. Join us to learn more about the talents, contributions, and perspectives of women. Connect with other to share ideas, interests, and various journeys.

Growing our leadership in equity, inclusion, and diversity

We are often recognized for our efforts and achievements in creating an equitable, inclusive, and diverse work environment. As we continue our journey toward achieving equity and inclusion for our people, members, and communities, we continually look for and act on opportunities to grow and improve. That takes all of us. And our people are encouraged to speak up if they see opportunities to do better.

A past, present, and future that encourages inclusivity

Throughout our history, we've taken action for equity and social justice, and our focus is stronger than ever. We understand that inequality and social injustice are systemic, or built into the foundational systems and culture of our society, including health care. To create equity and inclusion for all, we start by ensuring our own behaviors and foundational systems support an inclusive work environment, and we use our voice, resources, and influence to help correct oppression and injustices in our society.

We're committed to making Kaiser Permanente a place where every person feels valued, respected, and included — where each of us can grow and give our best to provide the best care to each of our patients and together achieve equity and inclusion for all people.