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Mental Health Careers

You can build a career focused on each patient’s total mental health with Kaiser Permanente. We’re passionate about providing high-quality, affordable, and patient-centered mental health care to our members and the communities we serve. As part of our team, you’ll help empower our members to achieve their physical, mental, and behavioral health goals. Along the way, you’ll enjoy a unique environment focused on training, growth and advancement.

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A Team by Your Side

Working in an integrated, team-based environment — something unique to Kaiser Permanente — you and your patients will be supported every step of their journey to total health. In this unique, collaborative environment, you’ll be backed by the latest technologies and incredible resources. Plus, you’ll have opportunities to develop your skills and advance your career while working alongside a network of dedicated professionals.

Our Programs

Adult Mental Health

Working as a collaborative team, the therapist, psychiatrist, and case manager, along with other care team members, diagnose, and develop a treatment plan that is personalized and goal-oriented for each patient. You’ll utilize the latest evidenced-based treatments, therapies, and technologies to help adults dealing with emotional and behavioral problems that could range from depression and anxiety to bipolar and trauma-related disorders. Certain markets feature a racial trauma process group that provides a safe space to discuss intergenerational trauma caused by racism, and addresses self-care.

Treatments Could Include:

  • Individual and group psychotherapy
  • Medication evaluation and management
  • Psychological testing
  • Crisis management
  • Clinical case management
  • Intensive outpatient services

Child/Pediatric Mental Health

As part of the pediatric psychiatry team made up of a therapist, psychiatrist, case manager, and other care team members, you’ll work directly with patients and their parents/families. This will include diagnosing the patient and developing their personalized treatment plan — one that’s built around their goals. Typically, you’ll help them overcome and manage depression, anxiety, attention disorders, trauma-related disorders, and destructive behavior patterns.

Treatments Could Include:

  • Individual and group psychotherapy
  • Medication evaluation and management
  • Psychological testing
  • Crisis management
  • Clinical case management
  • Intensive outpatient services

Addiction Medicine and Recovery Services

As part of our addiction medicine and recovery services program, you’ll help ensure that no one faces their addiction alone. Our programs are designed to evaluate and diagnose an addiction, and then help you work with your patient on behavioral therapy and counseling, medication-based treatment, medical treatment of withdrawal (detoxification), and rehabilitation.

Treatments Could Include:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Day treatments
  • Residential treatment

Eating Disorder

Treating a range of eating disorders, you’ll be a part of a team of caregivers working with patients who have unhealthy thoughts and behaviors about food and body image. Using your unique skills and compassion, you’ll assist patients while they overcome challenges to achieve their best life.

Treatments Could Include:

  • Personal therapy sessions
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Body image therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy


When dealing with issues such as depression and panic disorders, the biggest hurdle for patients can be scheduling an appointment, showing up, and talking face-to-face about sensitive personal things. We offer telepsychiatry options across our enterprise to give our patients and caregivers a welcome alternative to meeting in person. This showcases our commitment to driving the future of total health with innovative health care solutions.

As part of our team, you’ll meet with patients via telephone or video, depending on their preference, and offer them early and comprehensive care. You’ll have an opportunity to engage with patients on a deep level while they stay in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. This adds a real sense of security for them. We employ a wide range of licensed mental health professionals across our network. Based on the market, opportunities could range from clinical social workers and psychologists to marriage and family therapists.


Working as part of a team committed to ensuring an early diagnosis, you’ll help put critical support in place to improve the lives of our most-vulnerable members. Utilizing an array of standardized assessment and rating skills tools to diagnose for Autism Spectrum Disorders, you and your team will work collaboratively to diagnose where patients are on the spectrum and determine next steps.

Treatments Could Include:

  • Behavioral health
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Case management
  • Caregiver support
  • Medication evaluation and management

What Our People Say

Gabriela A.

Clinical Program Manager

At Kaiser Permanente, I have opportunities to learn and work in a professional setting with people who are passionate about patient care. I love my career as a therapist and now as a manager! I really enjoy helping others and learning new interventions and modalities. These ensure my personal and professional growth.

Aaron M.

Psychiatric Social Worker

Kaiser Permanente has been an excellent platform for me to grow as a professional. The organization has demonstrated its commitment to the continued growth of its employees through the training it offers and encourages. I’ve always resonated with the organization’s integrated approach to health care, and its recognition of how essential good mental health is to a person’s overall well-being.

Laura H.


Kaiser Permanente is a health care leader who sets trends and makes a difference in industry practices and protocols. I like the extraordinary resources available to do my job, the servant leadership of my manager and director, and the high standard of business and clinical ethics.

Amie L.

PsyD, Clinical Psychologist

We’re an innovative, vision-forward company. While Integrative-Care models are relatively new, we’ve been on the frontlines of building out a high-functioning integrated team for over a decade. Within this model of care, we’re pushed to think out of the box when it comes to patient care, be collaborative, and succeed in a fast-paced environment.

Janice G.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

This is the best place to work because of the commitment to the total health of our members, the work/life balance, the possibilities to use clinical skills in a variety of capacities within the organization and opportunities for personal and professional growth. As employees of Kaiser Permanente, we all have a voice and are encouraged to use it.

Carol S.

PhD, Licensed Certified Social Worker – Clinical

Kaiser Permanente demonstrates its commitment to their employees’, has a top-notch salary and compensation package, and has a leadership body that is well trained and supportive. As a Clinician and a Manager, I am very impressed with our commitment to quality outcomes. I have truly found a home here and would be honored for Kaiser Permanente to be my last professional stop in my career.

Breeza Q.

Licensed Certified Social Worker

I would recommend and do recommend working for Kaiser Permanente. It’s a professional, clean, friendly, fast-paced environment and there is a real trust and respect for clinical staff no matter what role we serve. I love feeling valued and heard and am thankful to have found an environment that provides that.

Michael V.

PsyD, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Psych Social Worker

Kaiser Permanente, in my opinion, is a great mix of professional, friendly and fast-paced. They allow me to be who I am and let me have a voice. I love being a therapist and I’m very proud and excited about the Gender Assessments and transgender group work being conducted. I’m helping the LGBT community and making this population feel comfortable throughout their care journey. Kaiser Permanente is a breath of fresh air to me in my work.

Kashonda D.


I appreciate how Kaiser Permanente strives to reflect inclusivity and representation throughout the organization. I’m excited about an internal clinic comprised of African American clinicians dedicated to supporting the health needs of the African diaspora. I’m proud to be part of committees that intentionally promote equity, inclusion and diversity. These things combined with the benefits, opportunities and people make Kaiser Permanente a great place to work.

Top Reasons to Join Our Team

Focus on Care

As a clinician here, you won’t solicit patients or do billing and administrative paperwork. You can devote all of your time caring for your patients.

Growth & Development

You’re empowered to utilize professional development programs that could lead to other specialties and even leadership and management.

Where Teamwork Works

Unlike a private practice, you’ll be surrounded by energetic, helpful team members and leaders who are just as innovative and passionate as you are.

Excellent Pay & Benefits

Exceptional benefit plans and competitive pay will support your growth both within the Kaiser Permanente family and far beyond.

Strong Networks

Our innovative systems mean you’ll always have access to comprehensive resources for your patients — from digital therapeutics and online services to wellness programs.

Reaching Beyond Our Walls

We’re focused on providing patient-centered mental health care to more than just our members — we also provide it for the communities we serve.

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