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All Systems: Vital

We enable technology on a massive scale. 6.9 petabytes of data? We got it. Acres of virtual servers? Yep. Innovative apps and award-winning systems? Check. All used to support the most vital system of all: life. Come build, design, and maintain systems that support our mission and vision. At Kaiser Permanente Information Technology, our integrated systems and innovative platforms shape the future of health care. And each of our approximately 6,000 IT professionals define — and redefine — the role technology plays in our industry.

From creating mobile apps and online health management tools, to maintaining one of the leading electronic health record systems in the world, we believe technology will make lives better — and we invest in it accordingly.

KPIT Best Place To Work 2024

For the fourteenth consecutive year, Computerworld Magazine has named Kaiser Permanente one of the Best Places to Work in IT. Take a peek inside and see what makes contributing to our technology teams so exciting!

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Digital & IT Careers

  • Architecture Solutions

    Supporting our quest to transform health care by building a technology roadmap that is strategic, innovative, and collaborative, our experienced team works closely with business leaders and leverages cloud, data, the Internet of Things, and services to craft and hone technology solutions. Collectively, we are helping to expand virtualization of our environment, support employee enablement, and improve business performance.

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  • Business Strategy & Operations

    Providing leadership and support for the development of strategy, roadmaps, and recommendations that enhance our digital offerings, our team delivers the solutions that architect the new digital norm. This diverse team leverages cross-functional strengths to craft the finest solutions with contributors bringing expertise from business operations and human resources to technology and strategy development.

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  • Data, Cloud & BI

    Delivering analytic services to IT and business customers across the organization, our group integrates operations and plans, data integration, advanced technology, and customer engagement. To bring these services to life, we leverage a range of products and platforms, including Oracle, Informatica, Business Objects, Cognos, Tableau, and SAS.

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  • Desktop, Network & Telephony

    Troubleshooting and providing user support on any products and services enabled by IT, our team supports employees across the organization in getting the most out of their systems. Through the coordinated delivery and support of IT hardware/software products and services, we focus on providing a superior customer experience, while enabling the delivery of real time health care.

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  • Engineering & Programming

    For any business, information technology enhances productivity. Our team drives software technology and implementation, as well as applications and systems that support our business, keep projects marching forward, and enable new capabilities that empower Kaiser Permanente's members, caregivers, and employees to be their best.

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  • IT Cyber Security

    The recognition, management, and mitigation of risk is our No. 1 priority. It contributes directly to the quality of care our members and patients receive and preserves our reputation and brand. Mitigating risk across all platforms, the Technology Risk Office pulls together three risk-related functions — Cyber Security, National IT Compliance, and Technology Risk Management — to ensure data and systems remain safely intact.

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  • Operations & Infrastructure

    Overseeing standards across infrastructure platforms, leveraging emerging technologies, managing new designs, and providing high network reliability, our team continuously transforms our infrastructure to ensure that it is flexible, resilient, and capable of supporting our business strategy and goals.

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  • Project Management & Business Consulting

    How do we identify technology opportunities, plan for new applications, and implement the solutions in our facilities? Who helps to assess when, how, where, and why a certain technology will be upgraded, retired, or replaced? This is the core work of Strategy, Planning, and Project Delivery. We have hundreds of technologies that support care delivery. Creating the IT strategies for delivering technology in our facilities, we drive the future of care.

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  • QA & Testing

    Troubleshooting our systems, apps, and platforms prior to launch, our QA & Testing team includes design, development, and implementation of testing procedures. We also create test plans, test cases, and scripts to support testing objectives — all in the name of quality assurance, user experience, and positive results.

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