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Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity

At Kaiser Permanente, you’ll find equity, inclusion, and diversity in all aspects of our mission — in our exam rooms, operating rooms, emergency departments, hospitals, and partnerships. This is who we are at our core. It’s a focus for our entire organization and it drives our work in the communities we serve.

Beyond providing care, we’re also deepening our efforts to get at the heart of inequities, addressing systemic racism, breaking cycles of trauma, and creating economic opportunities for our communities. The people who need us the most cannot and will not be overlooked.

Headshot of Ronald Copeland, MD, FACS

"At Kaiser Permanente, equity, inclusion, and diversity are inextricably linked to our mission, and are part of everything we do. We know that having a diverse and inclusive workforce makes Kaiser Permanente a better place to receive health care, a better partner in the communities we serve, and a better place to work."

Ronald L. Copeland, MD, FACS,
Senior Vice President and Chief Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Officer

How Belong@KP is Making Change Happen

In 2020, in the midst of social unrest, we committed to taking immediate, long-term, and sustained actions to advance equity and address systemic racism for our members, employees, and communities.

More Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity in Everything We Do

At Kaiser Permanente, equity, inclusion and diversity are inextricably linked to our mission, and we aim to make it a part of everything we do. We know that having a diverse and inclusive workforce makes Kaiser Permanente a better place to receive health care, a more supportive partner in our communities we serve, and a more fulfilling place to work. Working at Kaiser Permanente means that you agree to and abide by our commitment to equity and our expectation that we all work together to create an inclusive work environment focused on a sense of belonging and wellbeing.

Eliminating inequities and fostering inclusion across our operations covers everything — from how we design buildings to how we conduct research and deliver care. In our communities, we invested more than $100 million in partnerships with Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and other community-based organizations to help combat systemic racism and address economic inequity.

Across our entire system, we’re building a highly inclusive and engaged workplace, where everyone has an equal opportunity to reach their full potential and use their diverse perspectives to support our mission. Our Belong@KP program helps participants recognize conscious and unconscious bias and racism in their thoughts and actions, and provides tools to think and act more inclusively. This multi-year program will continue to help us embed inclusive and equitable practices into how we identify, recruit, develop, mentor, assess, and retain diverse talent.

We welcome individuals with all levels of ability. Throughout our history and within our workforce, we see the powerful contributions that people with disabilities can make, and we strive to create more opportunities for growth and advancement. We’re also committed to supporting our teammates from the LGBTQIA+ community as well as other historically underrepresented groups. This includes providing tools to our teammates who served in the military to help them transition their skills to a new life of service.

We know that every individual has a voice. Our continuing efforts to support equity, inclusion, and diversity are just one way we’re giving everyone a chance to shape the future of health in a unique way.

The Proof in the Pudding

  • 67% of our workforce are members of racial, ethnic, and cultural minorities

  • 15 years named one of DiversityInc’s Top 50 Companies for Diversity

  • Sixteen straight years named among the Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality by Corporate Equality Index

  • $100 million joint investments and grant funding to address systemic racism

  • Six straight years named a Military Friendly Top 10 Employer

  • Five straight years named a Leading Disability Employer by National Organization on Disability

  • Kaiser Permanente’s 39 hospitals named LGBTQ Healthcare Equality Leader by Healthcare Equality Index

  • Five straight years named a Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion by Disability Equality Index

Communities Within Our Community

Our business resource groups, or BRGs, are another way we support an inclusive work environment and advance equity. Our BRGs focus on women, sexual orientation/gender identity, veteran status, disability status, ethnicity, generation/age, and more. Thousands of employees are members of our BRGs and this richly diverse and tight-knit community offers networking, mentoring, skill building, and support. Our BRGs also deliver powerful programs that connect co-workers in meaningful ways, including career, culture, and community groups.

Here is a snapshot of some of our BRGs:

Hey Gen Y. Find yourself in genKP.

Hello, we’re genKP. Created and run exclusively by KP employees, we’re here to help Generation Y connect, network, and thrive — both in our careers and in our lives. We work with KP leaders, make connections across the organization, plan community events, and enjoy the friendship of colleagues focused on total health.

In 2010, we looked at the shifting demographics of the company and we realized that the next generation of leaders at KP will come from our ranks. That’s when we decided to help people like you grow your own leadership skills and your own personal network while also creating a place where we could give back to the community.

Our Mission

Provide energizing cross-organizational collaboration, professional development, and powerful networks to inspire and empower KP employees.

Our Vision

To be a multi-generational talent community that drives Kaiser Permanente into the next generation of health care by attracting, engaging, and retaining our future professionals and leaders.

genKP Fast Facts:

  • Purpose: To help members of Gen Y become the next leaders at KP.
  • Members: 3,000+
  • Founded: 2010

Celebrating and supporting Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders at KP.

Hello, we’re the Kaiser Permanente Asian and Pacific Islanders Association (KPAPIA). Founded and run entirely by KP employees, we’re a group of people with a common culture and shared experiences coming together to support each other and help everyone reach their full potential. How do we do that? By creating a place to network and grow. We promote multicultural collaboration, community outreach, business partnerships and service.

Our Mission

To strengthen, magnify, and unite the voice and influence of Asian & Pacific Islander community within and outside of Kaiser Permanente.

Our Vision

A thriving and impactful Asian & Pacific Islander community within Kaiser Permanente and the communities we serve.

KPAPIA Fast Facts:

  • Purpose: To help members of the Asian and Pacific Islander community reach their full potential at KP.
  • Chapters: 6
  • Founded: 1992

Welcoming and celebrating every ability.

We’re KPAbility, an employee-led business resource group focused on helping KP realize their vision of a workplace that welcomes individuals with all levels of ability. We’re proud that KP earned a top-ranking score of 100% on the Disability Equality Index and was named a Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion for the fourth consecutive year.

Our Mission

To improve inclusion by providing fair and equitable opportunities for all. Our work often intersects with our BRG partners and those who have multiple marginalized identities. We are listening and learning as we focus our efforts to break down barriers and create a more just and equitable workplace for all.

We ensure KP’s commitment to a workplace that welcomes individuals with disabilities at all levels of the organization, ensuring fully accessible and disability competent health care for all, and honoring the right to self-determination and independence for our members with disabilities in the communities that we serve.

KPAbility Fast Facts:

  • Purpose: We empower employees with disabilities to optimize their talents and achieve their goals.
  • Chapters: 7
  • Founded: 2013

Giving our LatinX community a stronger voice.

Hello, we’re the Kaiser Permanente LatinX Association (KPLA). We’re an employee-run group at KP and our goal is to change the way the world looks at and interacts with the LatinX community by addressing disparities in health care and in the workforce.

Our Mission

KPLA is aligned with Kaiser Permanente’s mission of providing high quality, affordable health care. We strive to promote accessibility, health equity, and culturally responsive care for our members and the diverse communities we serve. We are committed to attract, inspire, and support our Latinx workforce to achieve their full potential at all levels in the organization to enhance our ability for shared success.

Our Vision

KPLA is a driving force enhancing the quality of Kaiser Permanente’s health care to Latinos and our multicultural membership. Through our leadership, expertise, and caring professionalism, KPLA makes our members proud to be part of the Kaiser Permanente community.

KPLA Fast Facts:

  • Purpose: Attracting, inspiring, and supporting our LatinX workforce to achieve their full potential.
  • Chapters: 7
  • Founded: 1991

A voice for veterans and their families at KP.

Hello, we are the KP Veterans Association (KPVA). Founded and run by KP employees, we support and give a voice to the strengths, needs, and concerns of KP employees, physicians, and family members who are veterans, active duty reservists, or deployed family members. As veterans ourselves, we understand the sacrifices made to serve the nation. We’re also an advocate for the health, rights, and respectful treatment of veterans around the world.

Our Mission

We link veterans, their family members, and military supporters through camaraderie and partnership. KPVA provides support and resources for employees who have served in the armed forces, employees related to a service member, or service members in the communities we serve.

KPVA Fast Facts:

  • Purpose: We advocate for the strengths and needs of KP's military community as well as the rights and respectful treatment of veterans around the world.
  • Chapters: 7

Focused on helping every LQBTQIA+ member of our family.

We’re KP Pride. Founded and led by KP employees, we’re a business resource group that promotes a greater understanding of LGBTQIA+ issues. We give voice to the strengths, needs, and concerns of all people on the sexual orientation and gender identity spectrums while promoting the LGBTQIA+ community with KP cares, workforce, marketplace, and community goals.

Our Vision

We want to create an environment where all Kaiser Permanente employees will feel safe, respected, valued, and supported in their workplace. LGBTQIA+ and allied employees will work in an inclusive environment that will enable them to contribute fully to Kaiser Permanente’s success.

KP Pride promotes professional development and is dedicated to working with other groups to empower employees of all backgrounds.

KP Pride will oppose prejudice and discrimination, regardless of its source or victims. We will work to bring about the day that all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender employees, physicians, and members enjoy a safe, inclusive workplace.

KP Pride Fast Facts:

  • Purpose: Making KP an employer of choice and a national leader in the delivery of sensitive, quality health care to the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • Chapters: 8

WE@KP: Creating leaders across KP and around the country.

We’re the Women Empowered at KP (WE@KP) Business Resource Group. And we’re leading the way. We’re an independent, employee-run group focused on increasing KP’s competitive advantage as a health care system and employer. How do we do that? By encouraging and supporting women leaders, developing the leadership capacity of women, and addressing the challenges and opportunities in career progression for women. If you want to join us, membership is open to all staff who support these goals.

Our Mission

WE@KP inspires and empowers KP employees professionally and personally through the workforce, community programs, and resources with a focus on the unique aspects of women. WE@KP BRG establishes programs and events for skill-building, career development, and reaching out to the community to provide what is needed.

WE@KP Fast Facts:

  • Purpose: Whether at work or home, we are committed to empowering women to become stronger leaders.
  • Chapters: 7

Giving a voice to Armenians at KP.

We are the Kaiser Permanente Armenian Connection (KPAC). Entirely employee-run, KPAC is one of the largest business resource groups, with nearly 950 multigenerational members. We aspire to engage Armenian KP employees in various events and programs that range from social outings and charity walks, to leadership talks and mentoring opportunities.

Our Mission

Provide energizing cross-organizational collaboration, professional development, and a powerful network to inspire and empower Armenian KP employees.

Our Vision

To be a multi-generational Armenian community that drives Kaiser Permanente into the next generation of health care by attracting, engaging, and retaining our future professionals and leaders.

KPAC Fast Facts:

  • Purpose: Engaging Armenian KP employees to facilitate leadership development, community involvement, commerce, and professional networking.
  • Members: 950
  • Founded: 1990

Honoring and respecting our Native American employees and their culture.

Hello, we’re The Kaiser Permanente Native American Professional Association (KPNAPA) Business Resource Group. Based in the Colorado Region, we are an employee-run group that’s a valued partner in the Denver Metro Native American/Alaskan Native Communities.

Our Mission

HEALTH: KPNAPA is dedicated to advocating Native American health, ensuring culturally competent health care and health promotion for Native American patients. We will be a resource for information on alternative, holistic, and natural health solutions and traditions of Native American people.

OFFERINGS: In Native American culture, offerings are gifts given out of respect. KPNAPA vows to give offerings in the form of knowledge and services to promote the balance of Native American traditions with Western Medicine.

NURTURE: We’re committed to nurture and mentor our Native American staff and providers, honoring their skills, talents, and abilities in order to help them learn and grow personally and professionally within Kaiser Permanente.

OPPORTUNITY: We are dedicated to promoting Equal Employment Opportunities in all workforce activities. Ultimately, the goal is to increase the presence of Native American staff and providers in the Kaiser Permanente workforce.

RESPECT: Our goal is to foster an environment of respect in which the unique differences of each person are valued, utilized, and attempted to be understood. It will be an environment where people from diverse backgrounds work comfortably in teams, recognizing that talent and ability are not limited by these differences.

KPNAPA Fast Facts:

  • Purpose: We are proud advocates for Native American health, opportunity, and respect.
  • Chapters: 1
  • Founded: 2001

Supporting and encouraging our African American community.

We are the Kaiser Permanente African American Professional Association (KPAAPA). We’re a multicultural business resource group established to allow many of our physicians and employees to develop the skills necessary to motivate and encourage the workforce and our members.

Our Mission

Kaiser Permanente African American Employee Resource Group is a culturally competent association committed to the elimination of health disparities while improving the health of our members and the communities we serve by ensuring the future viability of African Americans and Kaiser Permanente.

Our Vision

To contribute voice and perspective from the African American/Black community and work to achieve KP’s mission.

KPAAPA Fast Facts:

  • Purpose: Transforming our workplaces and communities into inclusive environments where individuals are valued for their talents and empowered to reach their potential.
  • Chapters: 7
  • Founded: 1989