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In Our Community

Standing Strong For Health

Imagine a world where everyone has the means and knowledge to make healthy choices. Where high-quality, affordable care is accessible to all. Where community members are given the support they need to live full, healthy lives. And where everyone with the drive to make a difference has an equal opportunity to do so. This is our vision. Ambitious? You bet. Achievable? Absolutely. And it's a goal that each and every one of us works to support every day.

Snapshot Of Our Reach

  • $3.4B Total Community Health Investment
  • $663M Charitable Coverage & Care
  • $706M Philanthropy
  • $132M Health Professions Education
  • $117M Other Community Health Investments

*Per our Community Benefit Snapshot

Impacting Communities and Lives Every Day

At Kaiser Permanente, we use every tool at our disposal to help our communities thrive. We rise to the challenge of expanding affordable coverage and quality care. We tailor care and coverage to the needs of the most vulnerable. We help ensure our schools support healthy eating and physical activity. And we've reduced greenhouse gas emissions by taking on an ambitious set of goals for our environmental stewardship work.

  • Care for Low-Income People
  • Safety Net Partnerships
  • Community Health Initiatives
  • Research and Education
  • Community Engagement
  • Summer Youth Employment Programs

    Also known as KP LAUNCH (Learn About Unlimited New Careers in Healthcare), Kaiser Permanente's Summer Youth Employment Program provides underserved or at-risk high school students with supportive and meaningful employment experiences in the health care field.

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  • KP Thriving Schools

    Partnering to create a culture of health and wellness for K–12 students, staff, and educators, Kaiser Permanente provides resources and support that promote healthy eating, active living, and social/emotional wellness.

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  • MLK Day of Service

    Every year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, hundreds of KP employees across the country honor Dr. King's commitment to community by giving back to local charities, schools, and organizations.

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  • Educational Theatre Celebrates 30 Years

    If you grew up in a KP state in the 1980s or later, chances are you've seen at least one of our educational theatre performances. Recently celebrating 30 years of community education, the troupe continues to awe and inspire.

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  • Committed to Improving Health Around the World, and for the World Itself

    From our members, to the world we inhabit, we take our responsibility as a leader in proactive health seriously. Our vision for 2025 raises the bar on corporate environmental stewardship — not that you'd expect anything less of us!


Community Benefit Snapshot

We touch our communities in amazing ways every day. Learn more about the impact we made in 2019.

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