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You’re committed to quality and excellence. You’re intent on making a difference. And you understand that the path to improvement is ongoing. In a leadership role at Kaiser Permanente, you’ll positively impact an organization that continues to revolutionize care. This is a place where your passion, dedication, and expertise will be elevated by those around you. Where you’ll feel good about the work you do — and where the work you do literally does good. Drive quality, innovation, and collaboration at an industry leader, and make a difference in the lives of millions.

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Directors. Vice Presidents. Executive VPs. These roles are vital to our mission of providing high-quality, affordable health care services that improve health for our members, communities, and beyond. As a member of this team, you’ll be empowered to influence and impact the critical work we do. To find ways to expand our reach. To discover new paths of progress. To lead with intellect, integrity, and heart. And to guide the trajectory of our organization with bold vision and clarity of purpose. Most of all, you’ll listen to, support, and inspire our team of 212,000+ employees and physicians to continue the essential work they do.

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The KP Difference

What makes Kaiser Permanente unique? Everything. From community investments, innovative research, and advanced technology to our unique business model and industry leadership, all that we do is in service of providing the best care possible.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Thousands of individuals come together every day, working as one team, to make a difference. Our strength as an organization comes from their diverse perspectives and backgrounds, building a richer and more powerful health care experience.

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Drive Change - By the Power of 305,000

People are at the center of our purpose — and our employees are at the center of all we do. When we say we’re here to make lives better, that promise extends to those who drive our mission every day — whether it’s through our commitment to balanced living, health and wellness, our competitive compensation and benefits, or our belief in every individual playing an essential role in our success and giving them the tools to do, and be, more.

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Simply put, our pursuit of excellence is unwavering. It’s a commitment that requires curious minds and people who are always willing to ask “what if?”. Whether it’s a simple change that streamlines a process or a big idea that fundamentally alters the way we provide care, innovation is a necessity, because every step forward has the potential to save lives.

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Quality of Care

Kaiser Permanente is home to some of the best and brightest. And every day, we work together to deliver award-winning care that continually earns high marks for clinical quality and helps our patients thrive.

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Impacting Our Communities

  • Nearly 1.3M People served by Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program
  • $513M Charitable coverage and care
  • $40M in Grants to support businesses led by Black and other underrepresented groups and address trauma.

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  • $93.1B in operating revenue
  • 39 hospitals &
    622 medical offices
  • 12.7M members in 8 regions and growing
  • 2,400 studies
    (including clinical trials)
  • 9Kaiser Permanente
    research centers nationwide
  • $60M in federally funded research

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As champions of our mission, our executives are keenly focused on providing high-quality, affordable care — care that improves the health and well-being of our members and communities.

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Gregory Adams Chairman & CEO

A nationally recognized leader with 30 years of experience as a senior health care executive, Adams is a champion of health care transformation, improving access, and better health outcomes. Since his time with Kaiser Permanente, Adams has led the work around transforming and improving patient care outcomes, growing the organization’s membership, improving affordability for members, and expanding access to care.

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