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Career Opportunities For Veterans

If you’re wondering what to do after the military, choose an employer who values your skills and your service. We have a diverse range of jobs for veterans who understand the power of teamwork and know what it means to deliver when lives depend on it. We are a mission-driven organization dedicated to improving lives, and we recognize that our U.S. military members are uniquely qualified to enhance our team.

Join us and build a challenging and meaningful career at a recognized Top Military Friendly Employer. We’re dedicated to transforming both health care and lives, and you can use our Military Skills Translator to help you find employment after the military.

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Our Commitment to You

We have a real commitment to all who serve and have served. Ronald L. Copeland, MD, FACS, our Senior Vice President and Chief Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Officer, is also a veteran of the United States Air Force. He shares how Kaiser Permanente works hard to create civilian jobs for veterans across our system while also ensuring that the health care needs of all veterans are covered as well.

Resources for Veterans

Resources for Veterans

Training & Resources

We are committed to your professional future and will provide you the resources and training you need to continue to grow and succeed. From HRConnect to our KP Mentoring Program, we have tools in place to assist veterans with the transition to the private sector. We also have strong partnerships with the Military Spouse Employment Partnership and the Veteran Jobs Mission.

We can help you utilize the skills you learned while also minimizing the barriers you face as you navigate your new career. Our competitive compensation and benefits support your physical and financial health, and our commitment to total health supports you in maintaining balance between your work and everything you work to enjoy.

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Training & Resources

Kaiser Permanente Veterans Association

Across Kaiser Permanente, you’ll find chapters of our KP Veterans Association. They’re committed to giving a voice to the strengths, needs, and concerns of military veterans and their families. These internal communities, which are operated by Kaiser Permanente employees, advocate for the health, rights, and respectful treatment of military veterans. They also strive to make Kaiser Permanente an ideal place for civilian jobs for veterans.

This network of internal groups links veterans, their family members, and military supporters through camaraderie and partnership. They also help shine a light upon the sacrifices made to serve the nation. That’s why they’re also a strong advocate for the health, rights, and respectful treatment of veterans around the world.

Kaiser Permanente Veterans Association

Military Officer Transition Program

We designed this unique, two-year rotational program to help high-performing junior and mid-grade military officers transition into successful post-military careers with Kaiser Permanente. While rotating through three or four different areas of the organization during the two-year program, you’ll gain real, on-the-job experience. You can also utilize the leadership, communication, decision-making, teambuilding, logistics, and risk management skills that you already gained while serving. During the program, you’ll have a mentor as well as additional web-based and classroom training to help prepare you for a career in these areas:

  • Health Care Operations
  • Information Technology
  • Enterprise Shared Services
  • National Facilities Services
  • Health Care Administration
  • Human Services
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Marketing & Sales

Required Qualifications include:

  • Minimum four (4) years commissioned service
  • Current commissioned military officer or former commissioned officer who has not been separated from the military for more than two (2) years. This may be waived if pursuing higher education
  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university
  • Excellent military record

Preferred Qualifications include:

  • MBA or other advanced degree strongly preferred

Interested in participating in this unique leadership development opportunity? Email us at

Military Officer Transition Program

We Celebrate Ability

Named as a leading best place to work for people with disabilities on the Disability Equality Index (DEI), we understand how unique abilities and backgrounds enhance the way we connect with and care for the millions of people we serve. If you are someone with a disability, we invite you to join our award-winning inclusive culture and discover all the ways we support your success.

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We Celebrate Ability

Value & Benefits

While our benefits plans are designed with all employees in mind, they’re exceptionally well-suited to help a professional looking for employment after the military. Our career development and mentorship programs will help veterans build new skills, guide their growth and become a more well-rounded contributor. Our wellness and health benefits also include resources to support emotional well-being and stress reduction. Along with being a mission-driven organization, we’re also focused on making sure all our people can become the best version of themselves.

Value & Benefits
  • 100,000 Jobs Mission
  • Military Friendly Employer 2023
  • Military Friendly Top 10 Supplier diversity Program
  • Military Friendly Top 10 Spouse Employer
  • Military Friendly Company 2023

What Our People Say


Area Portfolio Leader

U.S. Army Veteran

Having the company’s mission be something I feel good about is important to me. When I work hard for Kaiser Permanente and really deliver, I know it’s not just helping the company. Everything we do directly impacts our patients and makes our world just a little bit better.


Program Manager, Care Delivery-Total Joint Program

U.S. Air Force Veteran

Helping Our Heroes was an excellent program to be involved with when I wasn’t sure what my next step was going to be after the military. I knew after a few weeks of interning with Kaiser Permanente that this was where I wanted to be.


Director, Military Health Business Engagement

U.S. Army Veteran

The Hiring Our Heroes program was a lifeline to finding employment and being exposed to the many resources that a service member has. My peers who did not do a program like this have had a hard time. Hiring Our Heroes was the ‘easy button’ that every service member should seek.


Director, Specialties & Member Experience

U.S. Navy Veteran

The Kaiser Permanente Veterans Resource Group was an immediate resource for me. It was inspiring to see so many veterans within the organization through the Veteran Badge Buddy initiative. This highlighted their previous service affiliation on their badge holders and helped to break the ice while meeting fellow vets who successfully transitioned.


Director, Business Process Improvement

U.S. Army Veteran

I love working for a non-profit organization that embodies a compassionate workforce. Also, the structure of the 24-month military transition program was ideal. It placed each fellow into a leadership role and introduced us to the world of Kaiser Permanente.


Director of Workforce Planning & Analytics

U.S. Coast Guard Veteran

I can’t say enough good things about the Kaiser Permanente Military Officer Transition Program (MOTP). As someone who didn’t have a crystal-clear picture of what I wanted to do with my next career, the program has been invaluable. It allowed me to be exposed to countless parts of the organization.


Director, Accreditation, Regulation & Licensing and Risk Management, Patient Safety

U.S. Army Veteran

I was fully committed to finding an employer that was doing something meaningful. Kaiser Permanente’s mission completely aligns with my personal values and internal ethical compass. Every day, I know I’m part of a team that is doing everything it can to not just take care of people but to improve the lives of the most vulnerable members of our local communities.

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