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Registered Nurse Careers

At Kaiser Permanente Washington, we recognize that being a nurse makes you a natural leader. That’s why we put you at the center of care — providing opportunities for you to grow your career, prioritize patient wellness, and collaborate with others as a valued member of our care team. With our unique health care model that integrates care and coverage, you’ll have the freedom to focus on the evidence-based practices and patient-centered care that are at the core of maintaining total health across our Washington State communities.

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What It Means to Work Here

Partner with Patients for Total Health

Nurses at Kaiser Permanente are empowered to drive the patient care experience. With more than 60 types of clinical, acute, and leadership roles to choose from, you’ll have a chance to make valued contributions and develop meaningful relationships with patients as you support the lifelong health and wellness of our members.

Collaborate and Lead in Care Delivery

Nurses are leaders at Kaiser Permanente. As respected members of our evidence-based care teams, our nurses deliver extraordinary care across a wide spectrum of health needs. Kaiser Permanente’s collaborative approach to health care enables us to elevate the voice and experience of our RNs as they contribute alongside our physicians, clinicians and other care professionals.

Professional Development Opportunities

Kaiser Permanente Washington invests in and supports nurses at all stages of their careers through a variety of professional development and continuing education opportunities, including:

  • RN Residency program
  • Additional training for wound care, IV and central line care, immunotherapy, pediatrics, virtual care, diabetes, and preceptor training
  • Leadership Development training offered for both staff nurses and managers
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Northwest Perioperative Consortium for new graduate nurses and nurses new to OR specialty
  • Financial support and Continuing Medical Education credit opportunities

What Our People Say

Tina, MSN

Director Of Primary Care


Kaiser Permanente is committed to a collaborative workplace where RNs are leaders. That promise keeps me here.

Andrew, RN

Specialist Quality Of Care


I’m a valued member of my care team – my colleagues respect my contributions and we all place patient safety first.

Imee, RN BSN

Quality Improvement & Compliance


Kaiser Permanente supports my professional growth so I can be the best nurse for our members. They understand that my success leads to patient success.

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