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Kaiser Permanente National RN Residency Program

This program was designed to support newly licensed Registered Nurses (RNs) as they embark on their professional journey with Kaiser Permanente. During this innovative 12-month program, your knowledge, skills, and confidence will grow through our comprehensive evidence-based curriculum. Your learning experience will include high-fidelity simulations, AI-Assisted clinical judgement and knowledge assessments, and reflective learning exercises facilitated by seasoned clinical experts. Your education will be customized to your individual learning needs as your RN Clinical Coordinator partners with you, your manager, and your preceptor to identify your knowledge gaps. You will receive guidance from your Kaiser Permanente RN preceptor as you begin to care for your patients in the clinical immersion portion of the program. Your nursing mentor will help you to set and realize personal professional goals and to identify your path forward for your nursing career journey. The team of nursing professionals will support you on your journey and to ease the transition to professional nursing practice.

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Why Nurses Should Start Here

Comprehensive Support

You'll have extensive support and receive mentorship, guidance, and resources to help you navigate the challenges of transitioning from academia to professional practice. We'll help you build confidence and competence as a new nurse.

Transition to Practice

Our curriculum specifically addresses the unique challenges faced by new graduates, ensuring a smooth integration into the world of health care. We cover topics like team communication, providing safe patient care, and managing challenging situations. You'll also learn the necessary skills to deliver high-quality patient care, working alongside experienced health care professionals to learn best practices in a supportive environment.

Professional Development

Your professional development as a nurse is the cornerstone of our residency program. Our structured curriculum focuses on enhancing your clinical expertise, critical thinking abilities, and leadership skills. This real investment in your professional growth will enable you to excel in your nursing career.

Mentorship Opportunities

While mentoring with experienced nurses and health care professionals, you'll gain insights into career advancement and receive guidance on professional goals. Having a mentor who's an experienced professional can greatly enhance your learning experience and support your long-term success.

Resources and Technology

As a resident, you'll have access to state-of-the-art resources, including advanced electronic health records (EHR) systems and AI-created assessments. We'll expose you to modern health care technology and enhance your clinical practice to help you stay at the forefront of nursing advancements.

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